Tyler Flate Fee Realty Listing Options

At Tyler Flat Fee Realty, we understand that people desiring to sell their homes can have a variety of different needs.  As a result of this understanding, we offer several different Options.  Our costs and levels of service are different to meet the needs of almost all potential clients.

Here is the Listing of our different options:

Option # 1:

“Full Service, Flat Fee”

($3,995, paid at closing upon a successful sale): This the Option that we started with, and is by far, our most popular and successful. As you have already read on our previous pages this is a Full-Service Listing providing you essentially with the same services you would be paying a Full Commission (6-7%) Broker for. Think of this as a “regular” full service real estate listing just like what other typical brokerages offer.  Home valuation (suggested asking price based on sold comparables), photos for the MLS and hundreds of customer home search sites, scheduling showings, negotiating on your behalf, reviewing offers, addenda, disclosures, title review, etc. This is where Tyler Flat Fee Realty handles everything  step by step until the home is sold & closed.  This option is good for the duration that you & Tyler Flat Fee Realty agree to.

Option # 2:

“MLS Only”

MLS Only” ($499 upfront fee).  This is basically a For Sale By Owner option where we enter your property into the Multiple Listing Service, along with hundreds of home search sites, in order to generate more exposure to your listing. It’s also interesting to note that only 2% Of Sellers doing “For Sale By Owner” are successful without additional help.  You will be responsible to schedule all showings with both buyers, as well as real estate agents.  You will be responsible for all negotiations, contracts, addenda, working with title & escrow, working with the buyer’s lender, providing us pictures you want uploaded with your listing, etc.  Your listing will be seen on the national home buying sites such as Trulia, Zillow, Realtor.com, the local MLS and all of the other “micro sites.”  However, you are basically on your own with this limited option.  This option is good for six months in the MLS.

Option # 3:

“MLS Only Elite”

MLS Only Elite” ($1,099 upfront fee).  Same as Option # 2, but with contract support.  Seller is still responsible for scheduling showings and all other associated responsibilities, however, Tyler Flat Fee Realty will prepare your contracts and supporting documents, that you will be able to take to a title company.  No advice or opinions will be given, only advice that a real estate broker is able to offer based on prior experience w/ multiple transactions.  We will not negotiate on your behalf but will be available to answer your questions and offer suggestions that will be in your best interest.  This option is good for six months in the MLS.